For Marta Espregueira Mendes, her studio is a place that aims to enhance customers’ quality of life.

In Porto, a house from the 1930s, properly restored, functions as a showroom for Marta Espregueira Mendes’ projects. “We were careful to preserve the architectural language of the house, in terms of carpentry and other decorative elements. We also changed the color of the facade and replaced the window frames with large glass”, explains the professional, while assuming that the measuring tape is the workpiece you never do without.

In a house with 180m2 and 10 rooms (meeting rooms, showroom and offices) Marta bets on modern lines and discreet tones, a band mark that is printed on the photograph that gives movement to the wall of one of the rooms. “It reflects a lot of our identity and our approach. Not only in design of the space, but also in tissues and colors, in the choice of materials, furniture and lighting”. In this last criterion, “we were careful to combine electric lighting with natural light, ensuring a better reading of the colors and textures of tissues”.

Seeking for inspiration in the small pleasures of everyday life, the decorator defines her studio as a place of opportunity. “Through the quality of the environment, providing a higher quality of life to my customers. It is always gratifying to return to houses that we have designed and see how families have appropriated those spaces and identify themselves with them”.

in Caras